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3 Tech Tools for Increasing Diversity

Most recruiters and managers would agree that a diverse team helps companies be more innovative, creative and achieve better results. Here are 3 methods for recruiting more diverse candidates.

1: Resume screening using AI

One way to ensure that you remove bias from your resume screening process is by leveraging artificial intelligence technology in your ATS. Pre-program your platform to flag and filter for specific skills and experience and let the AI technology analyze your candidate resumes for those parameters. This will provide you with a completely impartial shortlist, free from any sort of bias.

2. Blind Resumes

An increasingly popular technique is to “black out” any and all personal information on resumes. Information like names, schools, date of birth, specific locations, and so on can all contribute to some degree in a biased assessment of the candidate, even if it’s not done consciously.

2. Blind Interviews

Blind interviews use the same principle as blacking out resumes to reduce bias but apply this tactic to early conversations with the candidate. They can be accomplished by sending candidates questions via text, or through your recruitment platform of choice. Candidates answer these questions anonymously and are asked to avoid providing personal information.

The goal is to remain free of bias regarding who you choose to interview further. It’s much tougher to remove all personality and bias when talking to candidates on the phone or in person, so blind interviews are most effective early in the process.