Contract-to-Hire and Permanent Placement

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Contract-to-Hire and Permanent Placement

The Xela Group’s contract-to-hire solutions allow you to see potential employees in action before bringing them onboard. You can observe your candidate’s performance and collaboration with your team before committing to hire full-time. You can also test skill sets to ensure a perfect match.

If you’re tired of filling seats with candidates who turn out to be a poor fit, contract-to-hire arrangements are a great solution. Contact us today to learn how The Xela Group can help you find talent quickly and efficiently with the potential for permanent placement.

The Xela Group is aware of the significant investment in cost and time that goes into hiring and onboarding a new employee. Even then it’s not a guarantee that you will find the perfect match. The Xela Group aims to avoid this scenario through our precise recruiting and screening efforts, specifically for talent with unique skillsets for direct placement. Through a rigorous discovery process, we deliver results of the best candidates who are completely satisfied in their jobs compared to just matching skills. It also means less turnover for our clients. Contact us to find permanent talent.

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